Experience The Game Of Life

Adventure travel is tourist activity, including a physical activity, a cultural exchange or interaction and engagement with nature.Adventure is risk undertaking with an arousal outcome. Adventure travel is a trip that takes you out of your own comfortable world and puts you in a place that will amaze you, teaches you, perhaps even frighten. You, and ultimately provide an encounter through which you will have grown as a person.”

There are many sports which will fill your vacation with thrill and excitement like rock climbing, trekking, hot air balloon, hiking, Paragliding, bungee jumping and many more . There are many amazing laces which will chill your trip with dangerously exiting sport.

So plan your next adventure trip which may surprise you , interact with nature, interact with culture and physical activity – at least two and preferably all three in the same trip. Have you tried any thrilling sports ?? Here is the list we came up with, which you should try at least once in your life. So, here we go….

Dare To Bungee Jumping At The Victoria Falls – jump off high bridges, with nothing but rubber bands tied to their feet, freefall at terminal speed from 111M, move to the edge arms out and count from 5 to 1 BUNGEE leaving yourself plunging towards the gerund water of the Zambezi River and let the adrenaline flow.

Take your friends and family on their first Rock Climbing Trip At The Red River Gorge – It is Red both for its beauty and its extent climbing prospective. Climbing there on a dry, sunny fall day is one of the gamest experiences a climber can have. It is world class.

Most fascinating Adventure City Interlaken, Switzerland For Skydiving – this is most popular spots for backpacker skydiving. Talk about getting high!!! Get the best whopping drop of 15,000 feet. Jump early in the morning and hit the ground in time.

Daredevil dives into the pool to try Scuba Diving At Blue Heron Bridge, USA – For utter amazement and admiration, nothing in the world matches the extravaganza of the world under the world’s oceans. And that is why no adventure sport comes close to achieving the kind of admiration scuba-diving enjoys in the whole world. The Blue Heron Bridge has over 282 species recorded in the REEF database and the number is increasing monthly.

Kayaking At Glacier Bay, Alaska- Many places rent kayaks, and there are guided tours of all kinds. Just beware of the whales. Humpback females come to these waters in the winter to give birth and they can give you quite a start when they start slapping the water near you with their tails. Go grab your cocoa and start making plans for the summer to the sea kayaking hot spots.