Wildlife and Nature – Live With It !!

Nature and wildlife adventure tours are gaining popularity nowadays. Would you like to have some world-class nature experiences. Nature lovers can look forward to explore wildlife and nature in different countries.

The most famous wildlife park in Bolivia is Amboro national park, which is recorded with the eminent number of birds around the world and acts as a shelter for the unique wildlife like Andean bears, jaguars, spider monkeys etc. Amazon forest is a must see in Bolivia. During your visit to Amboro, keep your eyes open for any huge mammals which come to the river to drink. Jaguar, Puma and sometimes tapir tracks can be seen down the river. Stop by natural pools and take some time out for swimming.

Observing wild animals in their natural environment is a privilege at Everglades Park,USA. Usually they call it one of the biological wonders of the world because of a diverse assemblage of animals. The wildlife of the Everglades is surrounded by the minute grass frog to the biggest American crocodile.

If you are amazed by monkeys, Borneo in Malaysia is definitely the place for you. The diversity of birds, insects and even small mammals can be seen very easily within the resort which is surrounded by the rainforest across the Lipad River. Discover the rich and diverse jungle herbs that are used from generations by the local folks for the treatment of various ailments. Visit the Lipad mud volcano which serves as a mineral salt lick for wildlife. Walk up the observation tower and admire the contrasting landscape of the bare area and its surrounding thick forest where birds are commonly seen. Enjoy a slide presentation on Tabin’s uniqueness, followed by a night safari to look for nocturnal wildlife and birds.

Botswana offers you the true wilderness areas in Africa, teeming with wildlife that blossom within a montage of finest ecosystems. An exclusive safari destination will give you once in a lifetime experience and may prove to be a dream trip for many travelers. Botswana wildlife safari is a different home for wildlife habitats. You may get lucky to get unique opportunity to spend the morning with the three elephants .