Argentina is eighth largest country of the world which is accumulated with the colors of natural ambience, superb architecture and culture. Get the information about a journey to Argentina, which will help you in enjoying your vacations with pleasure.

Argentina’s unique charm and its attraction make it one of most travelled tourist’s destination every single year. The café culture of Buenos Aires, the natural beauty of the Iguazu Waterfalls and the Perito Moreno glacier, some of the world’s overwhelming sight-seeing spots can be found here. The country is famous for its cosmopolitan nature like any European country.

Places to visit
1. Iguazu Falls – Located close to the border of Brazil, Iguazu Falls are counted amongst the 7 wonders of the new world.
2. Perito Moreno Glacier – A hotspot favourite attraction for the tourists is The Perito Moreno Glacier which is located 48 miles away from the El Calafatea town.
3. Mount Fitz Roy – This Mountain is situated near El Chaltén village and is also known as Cerro Fitz Roy.
4. Bariloche – Bariloche is a small village which is well known for its chocolate shops, superb architecture and natural ambience. The entire village is dotted with lakes and mountains.
5. Buenos Aires –The capital city of Argentina is also the largest city and commercial hub of the country. Buenos Aires is quite popular for its European-style architecture, delicious cuisines and happening nightlife.
Special attractions

Gualeguaychu Carnival:
January and February are the months of festivals in Argentina when the largest carnival of the country is hosted in Gualeguaychu city. Colorful parades, music & dancing, live performances and feasting are the main attractions of the event.

Arte Buenos Aires- Contemporary Art Fair:
The fair starts the cultural season in the Argentine capital. A special event is organized to introduce the high class art to the people.

Accommodation and Dining:
Given that there are a lot of hotels available in the country, the travelers get innumerable options to pick from. These hotels present cuisines brought from different countries and different cultures. You can find global dining in Argentina, including the world famous La Lechuza, La Cabrera, Lo de Jesus and La Brigada which should be on your list.

Reaching to Argentina:
The main international airport is at Buenos Aires. It is served by international airlines from almost all prominent countries of the world, especially by American and European nations. Rail routes connect it with Paraguay, Chile, Brazil and Bolivia. The roads linking Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile to Argentina are quite well maintained. The most essential ports are Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires and Quequen. The Parana River connects Paraguay to Argentina.

Best time to visit Argentina:
Due to its huge geographical area, Argentina enjoys diverse climates. Summers are generally hot, and winters are quite chilly. The months of spring (September to November) are quite pleasant and ideal for a trip. Also, the months of March to May celebrate many events and thus can be a good time for a trip.