Bolivia, a country which is well known for its natural ambience is a must visit for every traveler. Read our brief information about this country to make your journey a pleasant one.

Bolivia is one of the prominent countries in South America and is surrounded by some well-known holiday spots like Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. This is one of the reasons why tourists consider Bolivia as a pioneer travel destination. Tourists who love adventure and recreation come to Bolivia, given that this country is beautifully blessed by Mother Nature. This delightful country encompasses extraordinary beauty and bright culture at the similar time. Mountain climbing, hiking, camping and driving, all can be enjoyed at a single place.

Places to visit:

A charming city La Paz, situate in a valley bounded by snow-capped peaks, presents anything a tourist could wish for.

Coroico is another attraction which is located on a mountain in the subtropical Yunga Valley. The city is surrounded by banana and orange groves with condors circling overhead.

A wild life area is Pampas which is home to hundreds of crocodiles, alligators, capybaras, pink dolphins, monkeys, and a copious type of birds and turtles.

The glowing blue-turquoise lagoon is what people visit to Copacabana for. Climbing trails all along the seashore is a grand way to observe the lake for special perspectives, with fair capped heels in the background.

The Salt Flats are biggest and highest in the world. A supernatural place that makes people of all ages acting like kids, a journey to the Salar de Uyuni is an unforgettable one.

Special attractions:
Semana Santa (Holy Week) or Easter, as Bolivians name it, is famous across the country. One of the main gatherings takes place in Copacabana, next to Lake Titicaca. On Good Friday, thousands of pilgrims reach here on foot from La Paz.

Accommodation and Dining:
Bolivia is the most impoverished country in South America. In spite of the considerable development in last few years, it is still one of the cheapest countries to survive in South America. Accommodations, dining, drinks and food can be found in almost every price range, with genuine home dishes being extremely filling and affordable.

Travel to Bolivia:
The international Airports are at Santa Cruz and La Paz which are served by many airlines across the world. There are several trains that run to Bolivian cities from Argentina and Chile. Also, there are three routes from the Argentine province of Yacuiba or Salta via Bermejo to Santa Cruz or Tarija in Bolivia.

Best time to visit Bolivia:
Usually, climate varies a lot as a result of topography and altitude of the country. On the other hand, there are definite seasonal differences. Winter runs between October and May which is also the finest time to visit. In the highlands, it’s obviously colder at night, mostly in June and July months.