Brazil is cultured country. The country is often compared with the largest countries in terms of population and geographical area. Also, Brazil is recognized as the largest country in the region of South America. The dominance of Portugal tribal people in the early 1500’s has made the country, the only Portuguese language speaking country. The country got rid from the Portuguese colonial rule in the year 1808 after the French invasion. The Empire of Brazil was created in the year 1822 which was a representation to country’s independence. Brasilia had been declared as the capital of Brazil in 1960.

Must visit Places:

Considering the list of some elegant sightseeing spots, Christ the Redeemer is one of the biggest statues made in the tribute to the holy Jesus Christ. This statue is approximately 130 feet tall. It also consists of a 30 feet pedestal.

Iguacu falls is another very special location which is truly a fascination amongst nature lovers. It has very beautiful ‘U’ shape which makes it very unique from other water fall destinations.

Visiting the very famous Amazon basin is a dream come true. Recognized as the biggest river Amazon meeting with other rivers, which are significantly big, is visualizing nature at its best. Some rare animals can also be spotted at that location making it perfect spot for the nature lovers.

Another exotic location which can mesmerize the animal lovers is the Pantanal. Recognized as the largest wetland around the world, it is home to many unique species, which can restore maximum happiness to the animal lovers and photography passionate individuals.

Salvador Beaches is another place which can prove jolly for couples and people initiating for a romantic outing. The environment and the overall beauty of the beach are extremely engaging such that it feels like love is in the air.

Special attractions
Rio Carnival is something that would elite an individual to maximum cultural inheritance of the Brazilian culture. The Carnival celebrations in fact take place around the entire country but, some distinct locations have special preparation for this big occasion. Individuals based on their convenience and engagement can participate in these carnivals in distinct places like streets, lounges, malls and other locations of Rio de Janeiro.

Accommodation and Dinning
There are many hotels in Brazil. Many cities bear different type of restaurants based on the city structure. People who love sea food can consider hotels and accommodation near the beaches. Others who believe on the professional sight can consider the classy business hotels ready for accommodation and perfect for the business meets.

Reaching Brazil
South American country Brazil might be a little distant from other countries. People can consider different modes of flights many being non-stop or with other flights which have a feature of break journey for people, who cannot travel long distances in one shot. Considering cheap flights to Brazil should be the motive of the individuals.

Best time to visit Brazil
Brazil enjoys a pleasant weather throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Brazil is between December and March. Carnival celebrations are the main reason behind this. Many events happen in the time of New Year or January. Thus, it is important to make sure individuals make their way across this beautiful city in these 4 months.