Columbia is a country located in the South America continent and has substantial oil reserves. Bogota is the capital of the country. It is well known for resources like emeralds, gold, silver, platinum, coal, etc. The long lasting history of Columbia includes many ups and downs, and every event improved the political and financial conditions of the country. Today, Columbia is counted amongst the most developed countries together with some highly popular tourism destinations across the globe.

Places to Visit
Cano Cristales is a very beautiful river which draws thousands of tourists every single year. It is a very beautiful lake soothing to the eyes with some exceptional combination of different elegant colours. The water-flaw of the lake, creating awesome patterns, entices the visitors coming here.

Tayrona National Natural Park is well placed on the Caribbean coast. The park is also popular for its adventurous activities such as hiking and climbing. Swimming and beach fun is also on cards at this place.
To understand Colombia more closely, Cartagena is a very good place. It was declared as a World Heritage Site in the year 1984. The port city was provided this importance because of the historical importance and fortification.

Coffee Triangle also referred as Coffee Region is world famous for the quality of Colombian coffee it produces. It is another destination which creates a bridge between the urban and the rural Colombia. It also opens opportunities for hiking across different parks.

Villa de Leyva is a very beautiful place and worth a visit. It takes you centuries back into the colonial period. The structure is just so colourful and beautiful that, it can naturally be considered as a tourist destination.

Special attractions
Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is quite popular for the salt mines. The commercial mining activities had led to a few chambers and tunnels. They have been linked together to build this beautiful place with a blend of religion and superb architecture.

Accommodation and Dining
Many types of accommodation are facilitated in Colombia. Different hotels can be selected based on the cuisine offered and the expenditure. People can also consider guest houses which come with little additional features over the hotels. Youth hostels can also be considered based on utility. Different dining options can also be availed in different locations based on convenience.

Reaching Colombia
Taking a flight is the best option to reach Columbia. But, based on purpose and other different thoughts, the process may change. People try to accommodate all types of facilities in a package and travel to Colombia for fixed tenure in a package. In any case, the most feasible and comfortable mode has to be selected based on purpose and utility.

Best time to visit Colombia
The months of rainfall are the best time to visit Columbia. Many tourist spots are at their peak in the rainy seasons. People tend to visit Colombia between June and November. Visits during other months are not only costly in terms of money but, they are not enriching if an individual is looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the city.