Are you thinking for the holiday in Ecuador? If your answer is yes, your tour planning becomes easier, since you can find the total travel information to Ecuador. With detailed information about journey to Ecuador, you can increase your knowledge and search out wholly ready for a thrilling holiday. Once you are exhausted with your busy life and searching for a place where you can rest your core and get relax from your dull life then Ecuador is the most excellent place. It is situated in the north of South America and enclosed by the Pacific Ocean.

    Place to visit

  • Galapagos Islands
  • The Galapagos Islands are actually a little archipelago of volcanic islands situated to Ecuador. This volcanic island is a remote as well as isolated place, may be covered 1000 km area (620 miles) of Ecuador.

  • Otavalo Market
  • Otavalo Market is a place which showcases the culture and art of Ecuador. There is no other better place to enjoy and buy the local crafts and clothing.

  • Montañita
  • Ecuador’s southern waterfront area boasts picturesque shorelines and well-known shoreline resorts, including the prominent Montañita. Montañita Town was a slumber fishing town until the universal surfing group found the zone’s outstanding surfing condition.

  • Tena
  • Located among the Amazon rainforest area of Ecuador, Tena is known as a launching point for wildlife adventures. This town is founded by Missionaries and a cinnamon industry assisted the city survive.

  • Baños
  • The little city of Baños is a famous city of Ecuador that lies at the lap of the active volcano Tungurahua. Named after the hot springs encouraged by the warm waters of the volcano, Baños is a standout amongst the most prevalent tourist spots in Ecuador.

Special attraction
The religious holiday includes various aspects of native mythology, which means “body of Christ”, is celebrated all over the country. The celebration features striking, richly symbolic dress. Food, drink and also Music are everywhere, and the festivities are complimented by the many attractive gardens which are on display in all over the nation.

Accommodation and Dining
You will be able to get superior value for your investment across the accommodation range in Ecuador: at the high end, you’ll find here beautiful, luxurious and famous international hotel chains with high quality food, excellent living accommodation. Beautiful and romantic restaurants & outdoor dining are found in all over the city, you can obtain you desired food & service there. Not only that you will also obtain the international and high quality food also.

How to Reach

There are direct flight connections from other big cities of the world such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico City, London, Paris and other to the main international airports at Ecuador. After reaching there, you can very easily rent a car or take a bus or taxi to enter the city.

Best time to visit
The South American nation of Ecuador may be little; however, it offers an extraordinarily various scope of scenes that incorporate various attractions. Travelers considering the best time to set out to Ecuador need to consider provincial elements. Four different climatic zones exist in Ecuador, each with it climate examples and ideal going to seasons.