Although, it is renowned as the house of Jim Jones’ cult compound in Jamestown, Guyana, the smallest nations in the north east part of the South America previously recognized as South America’s only English speaking nation. Guyana is one of the least populated countries in all over the globe with the population of 750, 000. It is no wonder that Guyana is an unspoiled and unknown destination. More than 80 percent of the nation is still covered with virgin tropical rainforest; Guyana is one of the genuine true paradises for those people who prefer to know wildlife. It is also the best adventure spot for those individuals who like to enjoy on the wild side of life. A charming place, Guyana makes the tourist feel warm, captivated and at peace.

Places to visit:

Wooden edifices
Guyana’s most well known attractions and must see spot include the tall, wooden edifices. At the same time, such structures have supported the idea this is one of the tallest wooden buildings within the world.

Kaieteur Fall
Guyana’s other attraction is Kaieteur Fall which is situated in the center of a jungle, providing a mystical and peaceful feelings and making it well accepted among visitors. It is also very popular among those people who are dare devils, who doesn’t get fear climb up the cliff and stand atop and gaze down.

Kyk Over Al
Kyk Over Al the famous ruins of the Dutch Fortress, stand to welcome the tourist. This structure was built around 1616 and is located in the beautiful crossing of the two main rivers of Guyana’s Cuyuni and Mazuruni. Tourist can take a boat and ride across to the Marshall Falls, renowned for a wildlife sighting.

Shell beach
As the name suggests, a long extend of white sands, shell beach is one of the best attraction and prized possessions of. You can find here eight turtle species, and many more varieties of hawksbills on this wide beach.

Guyana is known for its traditions and culture, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam all these are the three major religions people are observed here, and also there are many other religions. Apart from this the largest gold mines of South America, Omai Gold mines situated here.

Accommodation and Dining:
Guyana has acquired its culture with a mix of other countries, and it can be seen in the food as well. While in this country, you can enjoy the cuisines of every other country, but they have their special food as well. As long as accommodation is concerned, you have got innumerable options to pick from. Thousands of budget and luxury hotels are located across the country offering comfortable accommodation.

How to Reach:
The best way to reach Guyana is through the flights. The international airport is connected through direct flights from most of the American, European and Asian countries. Guyana also have excellent rail and road transportation for local travelling.

Best time to visit:
Just like other South American countries, the summers in Guyana are extremely hot. The months of winter and spring are the best time to visit.