Introduction of the country:

Paraguay is a mysterious and fascinating country, which is surrounded by Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. It is a sophisticated and rustic place which is divide by Paraguay river divides into two parts. The Asuncion is the largest and capital city. This area is quite exciting, and there is a lot more to discover in this place. The locals here are friendly and always free to talk. Here, you can get the best opportunity to the agrarian, rough gaucho and incredible nature.

Places to visit:

It is the capital city of Paraguay. This place has innumerable museums and various places worth seeing. One of the most famous and visited place here is the National Museum of Arts. Numerous beautiful churches and cathedrals are present here, which are worth visiting.

The Chaco:
One of the largest dry forests of South America is the Chaco. You may find a large number of plant and bird species here. You can get a chance to witness the wildlife like armadillos, tapirs, jaguars and pumas. The best way to explore this area is through the river.

The main attraction in this place is the Jesuits ruins of Jesus and Trinidad. One should make sure that they visit this place at least, once in a lifetime. This is a home to old houses and public buildings.

Cerro Cora National Park:
In Paraguay, this national park is the largest protected area. This place is full of attractive natural beauty, and you may get a chance to witness various caves. This area is heavily wooded along with varied mix vegetation. One should visit this place if you are visiting Paraguay.

Ciudad del Este:
This city is amongst the world’s largest free trade zones. You may easily find a good deal electronic and other consumer goods. You may find plenty of restaurants and places to stay here. It serves as the center of commerce for Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

Special Attractions:
If you are visiting Paraguay, make sure that you visit Asuncion. Apart from this, you can even get a chance to witness various festivals here. There are innumerable festivals like the Dia de San Blas, carnival, Verbana de San Juan, Naduti festival and many more. Many of them may include bizarre rituals, music and much more.

Accommodation and Dining:
In Paraguay there are innumerable places where you can stay and enjoy your time. You can get hold of various famous restaurants, which offer you delicious food. You can easily opt for the hotel’s and restaurants as per your demands and budget.

How to Reach:
There are different ways to explore this place. One can choose it as per their likings and budget. You can even visit this place through flight, train, bus and many more. You can check online for the best deals and packages for both your friends and family.

Best time to visit:
This is a place which remains happy in all seasons. However, if you wish to make the most of the holiday, then you can go during the month of October to March.