Suriname, also known as the Republic of Suriname, is a country located at north-eastern Atlantic coast in South America. This country is companied by French Guiana on east and Guyana on the west along with happening Brazil on South side. With an area under 165,000 square km, it is the smallest country in the entire South America. The total population of the country is only 566,000 and most of them live on the northern coast in the capital of the state that is Paramaribo. Until the 17th century, this country was colonized by the British and Dutch, till 1667 when Dutch captured this country and governed the Suriname as Dutch Guiana till 1954. Finally, on 25 November 1975, the country got independence.

Locations to visit:
The Presidential Palace: Initially, the Presidential Palace was the governor’s house. The building underwent various alteration and improvement in 1730 to make it a tourist destination.

Fort Zeelandia: This fort was once known as fort Willoughby and was named after an English ruler who planned the colonization in the year 1650. Today, this place is serving as a national museum.

Brownsberg Nature Park: It is situated in the Brokopondo district, 500 meters above sea level. The park covers an sprawling area of 8,400 hectares.

Galibi Nature Reserve: It is situated on the North-East corner of Suriname, covering an area of 4,000 hectares. An area of 13 km long and 1 km wide is reserved for the nesting of Oliver Ridley turtle from the Atlantic region.

The statue of Queen Wilhelmina: This statue was placed in the year 1923 on the event of the silver jubilee of the reign. After the independence of Suriname in 1975, the statue was moved to Fort Zeelandia.
The Lutheran Church: This church was finished in the year 1834 after the initial building was destroyed in fire in 1832.

Special Attractions:
Suriname is home to people from different religions. Hence, there are different types of festivals and occasions celebrated in the country. New Year’s Eve, Holi (an Indian festival), Easter, Labor Day, Emancipation Day, KetiKoti, Indigenous People’s Day, Independence Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, etc are celebrated with much zeal.

Dining and Accommodation:
Thousands of people from all over the world visit Suriname every year. As tourists’ count is increasing, the numbers of hotels are coming up such as Baka, Foto, Le Chique Restaurant, Cosa Nostra, Hotel Casino Savannah, Tropical Palace and so on. People can various varieties of food and dishes from Vegetarian to Non-Vegetarian.

How to reach Suriname:
People from all over the world can reach the Suriname country by air through various airlines. Such as home airliner Surinam Airways and other airliners like Caribbean Airlines, Dutch Antilles Express, Insel Air, KLM, Blue Wing Airlines, Gum Air, Caribbean Commuter Airways, etc.

Ideal time to visit Suriname:
Suriname enjoys tropic weather and thus the atmosphere here is quite pleasant during winters and monsoon. The months of October to March are most suitable for tourists.