Uruguay is also known as the Eastern Republic of Uruguay and is located in South America continent. This country is surrounded by Argentina on the west, Brazil on East and north and the Atlantic Ocean on the South and Southeast. The total population of this country is 3.3 million out of which 1.8 million people reside in a metropolitan area of Montevideo (capital). With the total area of 176,000 square km, it is the second-smallest country of South America.

Locations to visit:
Uruguay has many famous locations and places to visit such as:

Colonia Del Sacramento: It is the top tourist destination because of the closeness to renowned neighbours Rio de la Plata and Buenos Aires. While visiting the attractions of his place, people can explore the hidden possessions of UNESCO such as ancient houses, various museums, churches, antique Plaza de Toros, river promenade and cobbled streets.

Montevideo: The beautiful city is also the capital of Uruguay and is well known for its colonial, as well as European architecture, and also has a likeness to the Porteno culture.

Punta Del Este: This beautiful place is one of the favourite summer destinations surrounded by ocean and many resorts for tourist and visitors. People can enjoy beach parties, boat rides, etc.

The Rocha Coast: It is the most well-known destination with natural beaches that tribute the national motto that is Uruguay Natural. There are many destinations like CoboPolonio, La Paloma and La Pedrera are admired places by surfers, backpackers, families, etc.

Special attractions:
Uruguay celebrates many festivals and occasions all over the year. They start from the first month of the year with feast of epiphany, punta del este international jazz festival, the festival of the virgin de la Candelaria, the festival of the gaucho culture, Uruguay international film festival, labour day, festival of the tango culture, independence day, etc.

Dining and accommodation:
Uruguay offers the variety of food like asado, chivito, empanadas, choripan, asado con Cuero, milenesa, fiance etc. People can also enjoy delicious desserts and sweets like chaja, bizcochos, Arroz con leche, churros, flan, Ricardo, pasta frola, Martin Fierro, etc. The most preferred drink is Grappamiel (Uruguay’s national drink), which is made of honey and alcohol.

Mode of transportation:
The most convenient way to reach Uruguay is by air. The Carrasco airport is one of the best airports in Uruguay, which was also voted as one of the best four airports in the entire world. Once you are in the country, the most convenient way to travel within the country is by road as the entire country is connected by roads. Uruguay also has most advance container terminals in South America known as the Port of Montevideo.

Best time to visit:
It depends on the person to person what kinds of climate they like. If a person loves warm temperature, then they can visit during December to February. If the people love cold season then, they can visit during July to September of the year.